I can't connect to 4G - what do I do?

Problems with your Belong mobile service may be caused by a few different things. If you're having trouble connecting to 4G networks, try the following:

1. Check that airplane mode is turned off and 4G connectivity is turned on
If you're not sure how to do either of these things, please check your device manufacturer's website.

2. Check that you have data left in your allowance
To check how much data you have left, just go to the 'Dashboard' section of the app or website. If you've run out, your data is slowed to a maximum of 64 kbps. You can add a data top up via the Dashboard.

3. Reset your phone
Turn your phone off, wait a minute, then turn it back on again.

4. Try another device with 4G
Insert your Belong SIM into another device to see if you can access 4G.

5. Check our coverage map for outages in your area
Check our coverage map to ensure your area is covered by 4G and there are no outages. You can view the coverage map at belong.com.au/mobile/coverage-map

If none of these things have helped, select the 'Create support request' button and we'll look into it for you.