Failed or declined payment

Your payment might have failed or declined because:

  • You don't have sufficient funds in your nominated bank account on your payment date
  • Your card has expired or been blocked
  • You’ve cancelled your recurring payment

To update your payment details:

  1. Sign into your Belong account using your username and password.
  2. Select the Payment option at the top of the page
  3. Choose Add/edit payment method
  4. Depending on your method of payment, select either Mastercard/ Visa or PayPal and follow the prompts. If you select PayPal, you’ll need to have your login details handy for that account.

If we don’t receive your outstanding payment within 10 days from your monthly payment due date, your data speed will be slowed to 64kbps and any calls and text add-on will be suspended. You’ll still be able to receive calls and texts and make calls to emergency (000 and 112).
If we haven’t received your outstanding payment within 25 days from your monthly payment due date, your service will be suspended and you’ll lose all your banked data.

Things you should know: Any updates or changes to your payment method will be applied to all your Belong services.