Understanding your bill

Your invoice for your Belong mobile service gives you a summary of any payments and credits (where applicable) made during your monthly payment cycle.

Your bill explained (glossary)

Amount paid
Lists the payments debited from your nominated payment method and any credits you've received, including the date and amount.
Opening balance
Refers to whatever outstanding charges or credits brought forward from your previous payment cycle.
Top ups and monthly service charges
Our monthly service break down, which includes your data top ups and your monthly service charge.
Total charges
The sum total of charges made in this monthly payment cycle, including GST.
What you owe / amount overdue
Refers to any outstanding charges, if any, you owe from this payment cycle. If you have overdue or outstanding charges, this may be because a payment failed on the day it was due.
If you've since paid for your service, this payment will appear on your next statement but your account balance will update immediately. We'll notify you if a payment fails and why.

View or download your invoice:

1. Sign into your Belong account via the Belong app or website. 
2. Select Payments (You can also view when your next monthly payment is due)
3. Under Your invoices, simply select the invoice you want to view or download.