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Neon space helmets with burnt orange visors.

Here’s why Belong doesn’t have 5G

Focusing on 4G and 3G

We’re excited about 5G but, right now, we don’t offer 5G services.

We’re focused on making great mobile plans that are as accessible as possible. Based on the tech available to us right now, that

How important is 5G to you right now?

5G is the latest mobile network technology around and . If and when we can bring you some Belong 5G goodness, you’ll know it.

So, what is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation of mobile network tech. It builds on 4G capability by offering faster download speeds, more network capacity (basically, more people can use it at once without sacrificing network quality) and lower latency (which means less lag).

Your home internet changed a whole lot when we went from ADSL to the nbn. That could happen again as our mobile networks go from 4G to 5G.

That’s a future worth being excited about. We’ll let you know if 5G comes to Belong.

Have a 5G phone?

Already have a 5G-enabled phone? Nice one.

Don’t worry: it’ll work perfectly with our 4G and 3G network. Plus you’ll be ready to go when 5G comes to Belong.